It backup your data on time
Easy HowToRun.
Safe from ransomware.


SnapBackuper is a service which allows you to easily back up your data whether it is a single computer, small or large server.
You can use a simple script for periodically upload (synchronize data) to the service SnapBackuper and we will take care of the history of changes.
This backup service works in such a way that nobody can longer overwrite historical backups, so data are protected from the ransomware, which are tools that encrypt and make all your data inaccessible. This is because the history of backups is not directly available to your computer, so your data are not available for destructive viruses. And data are safety.
The backup history can be maintained at all times from the beginning of start backup. Due to space optimization, only one backup per months is to keep for historical backups.

If you have physical or virtual servers, you have a NAS or a computer with data then you need to back up. If you are a small or medium business, you can use our services, make periodically backups from your data will be safe. If you are a big company" contact us contact us

Parameters of the service

We provide a backup service where you can easily synchronize your data and backup history we will take care of you. The data is safe from hardware failure, user error, attack ransomware or targeted black-hacker attack. You keep your data safe and, thanks to that, your business, which is based on this data.

The service allows

Availability of the deposit for 14 days possibly longer.
Regular daily advances, according to configuration even more often.
Archive backups - access to historical advances.
It ensures high availability of the service RAID.
Backup frequency and maintenance time advances can be customized tailored to customer requirements.


Standard technology = simple connection and transition.
Each backup behaves as a full backup. This allows you to quickly restore backups or browse straight through.
Backup through secure ssh protocol.
The data is safe from user error, attacker or ransomware.
Quickly find the required backup according to date.
Possibility of recovery without assistance - backup are accessible to an authorized user through another account.
Servers for Czech customers are located in the Czech Republic at Czech companies and thanks to that it is not a problem and the risk of having data with a company that falls under other laws and the power of another state.
We do not need access to your servers. All you have to do is set up only sending data to our backup service.


The price consists of a fixed monthly amount, which depends on the time of maintaining the deposit and the frequency of deposits. The long parameter is the size of the backed up data.


Confusion about backups. We will be happy to answer tips on how to configure backup. You can find detailed instructions on how to do this in the documentation or send us

Secure backup

Backup is performed through a secure channel (encrypted). After performing a server-side backup, the backup is already permanently saved and further backed up / deleted already does not endanger data.

They are thus safe from the date ransomware.


The configuration of the SnapBackuper backup service is tailor-made for each customer. It is possible to combine the parameters as needed : backup frequency, backup time, maintenance archive backups (eg keeping monthly backups), the size of the backed up data.


Each admin can install the components, just install the standard common components for remote data copying. You do not have to give us access to your server. All Linux distributions, BSD, Mac OS and MS windows and more are supported.


You run the backup yourself. It is ideal to use a tool rsync, it is open source software, has open source code and is completely free. It is available for GNU / Linux, Mac OS, windows and more. This allows you to back up with it linux servers and desktops with MS Windows.

  sudo apt-get -y install rsync


Choose what data you need to back up. Backup is easy and fast. You can initialize the backup and perform a regular backup with one command:

 rsync  -av -e   "ssh -p $PORT -l $USER" --delete  \
/home  \
--exclude temp --exclude Downloads

List of backups

Listing all backups is easy, just log in to the backup system using a special account and list all files. Individual backups are represented as directories.

# ssh -p 3300
# ls


You can restore data by simply copying data from a specific time version of the backup:

# scp  -p 3300 -arf \ \

Price list


Price: free for 6 months

7 daily backup per 100MB



Price: 13 EUR

7 daily backup per 10 GB



Price: 25 EUR

14 daily backup per 100GB



Price: 41 EUR

30 daily backup per 100GB



Price: 80 EUR

30 daily backup per 100GB, then 1 week backup for 1 year



Price: on request

Larger space, individual configuration or runnig on your own server - on request


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