Russia is attacking Ukraine cybernetically

Times have progressed and war is waged not only physically but also in cyberspace.
After all, already during the Second World War, what was developed, researched and solved by rear experts had a fundamental influence on the effectiveness of the fight.

Russia has struck Ukraine not only on land but also in cyberspace.
They used a new malware called HermeticWiper to attack.
More about the types of malicious software in the article Ransomware

HermeticWiper deletes data and thus makes it impossible for the Ukrainian government and the people to function.
Fortunately, this particular attack is being run on computers running Windows, so if you use Linux, you can rest easy.
Of course, the leading attacks are different and another system. And even if you feel that everything is well secured, you still have to back up, because you are never sure.

The most valuable thing companies have is data. In other words, she must protect her data so that she does not lose it, otherwise she is in danger of extinction. In times of war, it is all the more good to back up to another physical location in another geolocation. And offline backups don't have to be bad. In the event that the company is forced to interrupt its operation, either due to an attack or that it has to move, it is able to restore data from a backup and thus the operation of the company. Ideally, the backup is designed so that the user can no longer delete the backed up data.

Another thing that the company should address are the means for daily operation and communication.
If the state or company is to operate in times of war, the infrastructure in the background must operate.
It is essential to use secure technologies, technologies that encrypt communications in the first place.
Then use resources that are opensource and distributed/decentralized for communication.
By using these technologies, you can be sure that you can renew the infrastructure at any time on your own and without the need for a functional connection to other countries - you can only create your local network. The individual networks can then interconnect, but they still operate independently and are therefore much more resistant to outages. After all, this is how the Internet was designed. Centralized and closed solutions are a key point that is easy to decommission an entire network.

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